37 Week Update

The home stretch is here and I'm pretty speechless. I actually can't even come up with a cute paragraph to type to you guys about being 37 week pregnant. All I can say is that I can't believe that in three short weeks our baby will make its debut! Can't believe it.

34 Week Update

It's that time again for a pregnancy update! TThese past few weeks since my last update flew by since I've been super busy with my baby shower and life in general. I say this every post but it's still crazy to me how I'm already at 34 weeks, feels like yesterday I was just celebrating hitting the halfway mark! Keep reading below for this week's update. 

7 Tips for Planning the Perfect Babymoon

My husband and I recently went on a mini trip or "babymoon" to Toronto, Canada! It was such a nice long weekend and we enjoyed the time to just hang out with each other, splurge on dinner, and get massages. I recommend that everyone take babymoons if they can to connect with each other before your lives change!